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WhatsApp Marketing is a New Way of Marketing!
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WhatsApp Marketing software provide various features like message sending without number saving, Multimedia message sending, Group contact, Numbers filters, Sleep control, Speed control, Delay control etc. Send WhatsApp message to clients and prospects. It is an Improved and new way of marketing and which makes busines communication smoother & faster. Software allows to import numbers and names from excel, .txt or CSV file. This software has helped many businesses grow as it provides a simplified way of marketing and strengthens a communication channel between you and your clients. There is no per message cost in WhatsApp Marketing software. Using WhatsApp Marketing software, you can send Messages to DND numbers also. WhatsApp gives the marketeers not only the ability to send media rich WhatsApp messages to target clients, it additionally helps in digital marketing of your Business to a larger audience. For instance, if you own a furniture shop, you can use our WhatsApp Marketing software to send pictures of new stock items to existing and new customers.

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What is WhatsApp Marketing Software?


It allows you to send WhatsApp message campaign to numbers, all that you have to do is - import numbers, enter your message and send!

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✔ High speed bulk marketing software
✔ Send messages without purchasing credits 
✔ Run multiple campaigns
✔ No cost per message
✔ Instant installing desktop software
✔ Send text/images/videos/doc 


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How Does WhatsApp Marketing Software Work? 

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