Terms & Conditions

  1. Single PC Installation, Single PC Usage, Single License Key 

  2. Computer changing - can be done only if you inform us before formatting your computer. (If computer already formatted, no service will be possible)

  3. No Support on Number Ban (Govt Rules and Policies changes time to time, needs to be followed)

  4. Before Formatting PC or before switching Machine, contact us as License key cannot be generated again. You need to get License key deactivated via Anydesk / Team Viewer. (This can be done only once according to service duration mentioned below*

  5. One-time Training will be provided via AnyDesk / Team Viewer

  6. Support Via Anydesk / Team Viewer - Timings: 11 AM to 6 PM

  7. If you have not purchased Software from us but you want service, then INR 500 Service charge is Payable.

  8. If you want us to Check your PC before purchasing that software will work on windows 7 or not, then checking fess is INR 100, which will be deducted from software cost if it works. else, this INR 100 is not refundable 

  9. Due to uninformed PC Formatting or Sudden system failure; due to any reason – another license key will not be provided / no support. New key to be purchased in such cases.

*Service Duration:

•    Billing Amount less than INR 1000 – 1 Week Support
•    Billing Amount INR 1001 to INR 2500 – 3 Months Support
•    Billing Amount INR 2501 to INR 4999 – 6 Months Support
•    Billing Amount INR 5000 to INR 8000 – 9 Months Support

•    Billing Amount more than INR 8001 – 1 Year Support

If windows 7, no service included