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Customer Relationship Management

Discover how customer relationship management (CRM) can help you achieve long-term success. Place your consumers at the center of your business strategy to forge stronger bonds, encourage loyalty, and spur growth.

What Services Does Customer Relationship Management Offer?

In order to make data handling easier for customers, customer relationship management provides a range of services, including managing invoices, payments, proposals, calendars, expenses, reports, items, utilities, tickets, and much more. For customer management, they also generate leads.

Implement Customer Relationship management service to accomplish your goals like…

Manage Customers

Gathers information in one place for customer service.Manages support inquiries, cultivates relationships, and obtains leads.

Manage Payments

Connects to systems used for processing payments. permits billing cycles, tracking, and invoicing.

Manage Reports

provides scalable insights about marketing, sales, and customer interactions. Monitors important indicators, spots patterns, and projects future prospects.

Manage Proposals

Makes sure that proposals are created, negotiated, and approved quickly. Increases deals and sales efforts.

Work together to manage customers and data by utilizing Amak's customer relationship management solution.

Amak Solution provides services to clients with an easy way to manage clients and safely handle data services like:

  • Maintain Invoices and bills.

  • Manage payments.

  • Manage Proposals, estimation and leads.

  • Manage timesheet,calendars and Reminders.

  • Manage tasks and projects.

  • Manage files, reports and articles.

  • Manage items, utilities, sales and production.

  • Supports tickets and tax pay.

Using our CRM software, our job is to centralize customer data, improve communication, and increase sales.With our robust CRM solution, you can strengthen client relationships, increase retention, and spur growth.

Use our Customer relationship management process to ensure the success of your project.



We guarantee timely and professional delivery with our streamlined proposal process, making a lasting impression



To ensure openness and trust in your services, give precise quotes and delivery dates.



We promptly process your order after payment is received, guaranteeing a flawless transaction from beginning to end.



We quickly create and send thorough invoices detailing the extent of the work

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