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 Human Resource Management

Utilize our cutting-edge human resource management to revolutionize your HR operations. Easily streamline procedures, improve workforce management, and improve employee experiences.

What Services Does Human Resource Management Offer?

A wide range of services fall under the general heading of human resource management, including payroll, hiring, maintaining employees, company policies, training, and much more.

Implement Human Resources Management to accomplish your goals.

Our team of experts can provide appropriate solutions for any issue pertaining to Human Resource Management. These are some of the services that we can offer you.

Attendance Management

Tracks employee attendance automatically. Clocking in and out digitally. Simplifies the management of the workforce.

Staff Management

Arranges shifts and oversees documentation. Creates reports and keeps track of performance. Boosts team morale and maximizes output.

Training Segment

Control the training's schedule, list, type, and other specifics. Data and lists of trainers are also kept on file.


One crucial factor in determining the success of your business endeavour is the responsiveness of your website.

Utilize the human resource management solution from Amak Solution to manage customers and data collaboratively.

Amak Solution provides all of the Human Resource management services required to create a complete online product, including:

  • Attendance and Timesheet management

  • Payroll Management

  • Recruitment and training management

  • Maintain staff

  • Company Policies

  • Disciplinary and complaints management

  • File management

  • HRM Reports

  • Events and meetings management

For more efficient workforce management, select our HRM software. We enable your HR team to succeed by providing them with user-friendly tools, instantaneous insights, and unmatched support. Choose us for your HRM needs to experience efficiency, accuracy, and innovation.

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