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We are digital creative agency focused on web experiences and advertising campaigns. We are a small team of strategists, visual designers, technologists and producers having a lot of fun together and doing projects we are proud of. At Amak Solution we push for perfection without taking ourselves too seriously and we encourage a ‘if you don’t like it, change it’ mentality.

At Amak Solution we have set our self the goal of aligning our customers’ business objectives with the current-day challenges faced by society – shared value. With projects that produce revenue for brands, bring benefits to people and make the world a little bit better. And it works. More and more.

We develop interactive applications which are highly successful due to their creative ideas, high-quality design, intuitive user navigation and pioneering technical solutions. Objective is to serve the agency’s clients and their brands in all the phases of the value chain and to serve the consumer on every level in the area of digital communication. Thus the creative agency for digital brand management covers the whole spectrum of the Brand Relationship Cycle.

A key element to a successful digital marketing strategy is fully understanding your competitors’ strengths and their marketing efforts, and researching the industry and potential audiences.

We are able to benchmark your website compared to your competitors, enabling us to see your current standings, the difference between your website and highly ranked competitors (gap analysis) and in which areas of marketing they are actively working.

From this competitive analysis, we formulate a strategy that will successfully help your business catch up and move ahead of your competitors in terms of online performance.

In order to implement an effective digital marketing strategy it is crucial to first understand and recognize approaches that have proved successful. By carrying out a competitor analysis you will have a head start. We can then make informed decisions to create a competitive bespoke strategy to rival business in your industry, marketing you as a leader within your field.


Nothing more. Nothing less. In a convoluted industry with enough knowledge to be dangerous, but a lack of delivery when it comes to delivering an ROI, we’re proud to be ahead of the pack. As a leading full-service digital marketing agency, we’re solely dedicated to providing you with the latest in tailored digital solutions that drive sustainable growth.

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