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Zomato Data Extractor

Use Zomato lead extractor to scrape unlimited restaurants listed on Zomato website in a matter of minutes

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Our Zomato data extractor is the #1 software for restaurant data scraping for marketing purposes. You can easily export required restaurant data by entering links. This software can be useful for businesses who want to promote their products/services to restaurants. Zomato data extractor smartly collects bulk data for marketing purposes and you can easily export the extracted data in excel file.  It extracts all phone numbers from source site. This extractor is best Software available on internet. It is designed to extract phone numbers with various criteria & various options to give best results. Extractor can update automatically, which helps you to get new features. Users can collect thousands of leads in one click. Unlimited data extraction no limitation at all. Multithreaded process for faster intelligent extraction. Automatic updates with new features and settings instantly. In the end, you will receive a list of extracted leads from website.

Scale-up your business with this data extracting tool

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Get data for your Business Marketing Today! 

zomato data extractor
How it works - ZOMATO

Video Tutorial

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