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Tradeindia Data Extractor


Extract premium unlimited business/company contacts from public listings on Tradeindia website with no manual effort. It is one of the fastest software available in the market. Tradeindia Lead Extractor is a tool that collect contact information such as Company Name, Location, Complete Address, Email, Mobile Number, Ratings and Reviews, Location co-ordinates, Website URL and other important information from Tradeindia Website.

Main Features

🟧 Tradeindia Lead Extractor software can intelligently collect bulk data from the source site.
🟧 Users can get millions of real-time fresh email addresses and phone numbers from the source site.
🟧 This extractor is the FASTEST Software available on the internet.

🟧 Users can add multiple locations and multiple keywords at the same time.
🟧 It is designed to extract email addresses and phone numbers with various categories & keywords.
🟧 The extracted email addresses and phone numbers can be saved automatically in excel file format.
🟧 Software will update automatically when new features came.

🟧 Unlimited data extraction no limitation at all.

How It Works ?

Google TM 2

Video Tutorial

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