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Social Phone and Email Extractor

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Social Phone Email Extractor is an innovative software able to search and scan profile pages, posts and articles present on social networks to capture and extrapolate Email and phone numbers which provides useful data for marketing purpose. 

▶ Social Email Phone Extractor Pro software can intelligently collect bulk data from the source site.
▶ User can get millions of Realtime & fresh data from LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.
▶ Extracts email addresses and phone numbers from the source site.
▶ This extractor is fastest Software available on internet.
▶ User can add multiple location and multiple keywords at the same time.
▶ It is designed to extract email address and phone numbers with various categories & keywords.
▶ The extracted email addresses and phone numbers can be saved automatically in excel file format.
▶ The software will update automatically.
▶ Unlimited data extraction.
▶ Multithreaded process for faster intelligent extraction.
▶ The software has options to START – PAUSE – STOP in running mode.

Get data for your Business Marketing Today! 

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